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First impressions are important to how your visitors perceive your premises and are often the defining factor on whether or not they return. We have an excellent reputation for highly professional cleaners, and can customize a work schedule to handle any aspect of cleaning front or back of house.


Our range of cleaning chemicals and products for the Hospitality Sector are economical to use, highly effective, concentrated and developed with the specific needs of the sector in mind, form environmentally preferred cleaning solutions to highly effective kitchen cleaning products, we can supply an effective product to tackle any demanding, routine or difficult task.

Kitchen Cleaning Services

Whether it be in the food processing area or storage facilities, the kitchen or the service area, the canteen or other associated facilities, we deliver the most stringent attitude and comprehensive approach to cleanliness and hygiene.


Strict standards of hygiene in Healthcare environments need to be maintained, providing a clean and safe environment that ensures that risk to visitors, staff and patients is reduced to a minimum. We adhere to established codes of practice in relation to minimizing cross-contamination and maintain strategic cleaning plans, clear cleaning schedules and routines, and use the best cleaning products, for the environment in which we are working, for everybody’s benefit.  

Retail Cleaning Services

A thorough Cleaning Service can be provided at a time convenient to the Client.  Security is assured. We use only our own fully trained staff at all times.

Builders Initial Clean
Carpet Cleaning
Window Cleaning Services

A window cleaning service can be arranged to suit your needs. This can be as often as suits both your needs and your budget.  We specialize in high level cleaning for hotels, offices and large buildings.

Office and Factory

Making business a pleasure, from reception to the broom closet, the same impeccable appearance will permeate, making it a pleasure for your visitors and your own staff to be on the premises.

Special Project Work

We can tailor make a specification to meet your needs for a one-off or special irregular clean.


A comprehensive quotation will be supplied after viewing your premises, and we react very quickly to carry out the work at a time which suits you most.  Any area can be targeted for a special clean – for any reason.

External Cleaning /Maintenance

  • Power-hosing of paths and stonework

  • Exterior building cleaning

  • Gutter cleaning

  • High level pipe-work

Additional Services

  • Sanibin Service

  • Dust Control Mats Rental

  • Linen towels and cabinets rental service

  • Tea towel/hand towel  

  • Laundry service

  • Catering uniforms, towels, glass cloths rental and laundry services

  • Refuse disposal services.

Hotel and Hospitality cleaning services
High level window cleaning
Church interior
Cleaning stairs in shopping centre

Security and discretion are high on our agenda.

Please mention required services when requesting a Quotation.

Fogging /disinfection service available for sanitizing of contaminated areas
Micro-cleaning of pharmaceutical/cleanroom environments


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